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Eve Krakow writes mostly creative nonfiction — that is, stories based on real life. Her work has been published in several print and online literary journals, as well as an anthology. Her debut collection, Voice Lessons, will be published by Guernica Editions in September 2024.

Crossword puzzle accompanied by photo of an assortment of vintage treasures.

Summer Evenings After Dinner

Summer evenings after dinner, my father would ask: “Who’s up for a walk?” Me. Always. We’d walk down the hill, ten city blocks to the magazine store. He never read books, always magazines, a cigarette hanging off his lip.

Published in Grain Magazine, Vol 50.1, Fall 2022

Crossword puzzle accompanied by photo of an assortment of vintage treasures.

Social Clues

#7 across: That which ties two things, or two people, together. What you’re lacking with others but not sure how to build.

Published in The Nasiona, Issue 24, Spring 2021

Handwritten page from a gardening journal

Between the Rows

My mother showed me how to plant peas when I was six years old: make a row of holes in the earth with your finger, “up to the second joint,” about an inch apart . . . 

Published in Glint Literary Journal, Issue 11, Winter 2020 

The Understudy

. . . It’s something I find myself doing more and more: watching others, observing. Trying to understand the social cues, the expectations, how people talk to each other and respond. Trying to learn a script I was never given . . .

Published in the online literary journal JMWW, February 26, 2020

Young Expressions

Published in Shy: An Anthology, edited by Naomi K. Lewis and Rona Altrows, University of Alberta Press, October 2013

Lost: Morris Listowel Piano, Circa 1915

Published in Maisonneuve Magazine (online edition), August 13, 2013

Original full version published in Quebec Heritage News Magazine, Fall 2012 issue

Earlier work…

 “The New Door,” Quebec Heritage News, Summer 2013

“Positive,” Writings, Vol. 2, an anthology by the Montreal Branch of the Canadian Authors Association, December 2010

“Tiny Fists,” Cahoots, an alternative Canadian online magazine for women, September 2008

“Geek to Me,” Smithsonian Magazine, September 2005

“How to Summarize One’s Life in Three Metro Stops,” lichen literary journal, Vol. 5, No. 2 (Fall 2003)

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Author photo on this page by Deepa Rajagopalan. Taken at the Emerging Writers Reading Series in Toronto, Ontario, in January 2020.

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