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Eve Krakow, writer

creative nonfiction & fiction

Recent work

Summer Evenings After Dinner

Summer evenings after dinner, my father would ask: “Who’s up for a walk?” Me. Always. We’d walk down the hill, ten city blocks to the magazine store. He never read books, always magazines, a cigarette hanging off his lip. . .  

Published in Grain Magazine, Vol 50.1, Fall 2022


Social Clues

#7 across: That which ties two things, or two people, together. What you’re lacking with others but not sure how to build . . . 

Published in The Nasiona, Issue 24, Spring 2021


The Understudy

. . . It’s something I find myself doing more and more: watching others, observing. Trying to understand the social cues, the expectations, how people talk to each other and respond. Trying to learn a script I was never given . . .

Published in the online literary journal JMWW, February 26, 2020


Between the Rows

. . . How does handwriting convey voice? How does it embody a soul? There’s an intimacy. As if the ink has flowed directly from the person’s heart, through their arm and hand, and onto the page . . .

Published in Glint Literary Journal, Issue 11, Winter 2020


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