Eve Krakow

I live among the spiral staircases, treelined streets, humid summers and icy winters of the multicultural city of Montreal, Quebec.

Sometimes I like to sit at a busy café, savouring bittersweet coffee, people-watching and enjoying the anonymity of the city. Other times, I escape to the great outdoors to hike through the forest, tasting my freedom and drawing strength from the wind in the trees. And I love to sing. Music makes me feel whole and part of something greater than myself.

I write about the need for human connection and belonging, the depth and complexity of shyness, experiences of motherhood, and various other undercurrents of daily life. My creative nonfiction has appeared in The NasionaGlint Literary Journal, JMWW Journal, lichen, Maisonneuve, Smithsonian Magazine and SHY: An Anthology. In 2021, my story “Summer Evenings After Dinner” was longlisted for the annual CNFC/Humber Literary Review Creative Nonfiction Contest.

Through my writing, I seek to give expression to that quiet yet powerful inner voice.  I attempt to offer hope and compassion as I delve into my own experiences, inviting readers to be true to their authentic selves.

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